Spanish retreat huts

Download this file to see a powerpoint presentation of the three retreat huts we built in Spain.
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Retreat huts can be built without planning permission. They are a great addition to the back garden as a studio or sacred space. Some people use them as a spare guestroom in the summer. It is like a luxurious shed where any hobby can be kept safe from the kids and the cats!

Yurts and squirts.

From tree to door

Using only hand tools Martin felled a pine tree and made our wonderful yurt door, with lock and hinges too!

Yurt crown

This yurt crown is typical of Mongolian style yurts

Mini-Yurt ( Squirt)

These 12ft yurts are ideal for camping or having in the garden for your summer visitors.

Exhibition Squirt

This squirt has been used to exhibit artwork. There is a lot of opportunity to use these structures at festivals and events and they are very easy to move and store. This one has a Raw-Fleece woven Rug.