Hand-made peg-loom


 Each peg is threaded with jute string ... the warp.

Raw fleece weaving

The pegs are woven with twisted fleece. The weft.

A double bed fleece rug; by Juliet

This is a full size double bed fleece mat with three types of wool; White, brown and black.
 I use wool from local sheep and rare breeds for the various colours, including Ryelands, a rare breed kept in Grumbla, next to Sancreed. I also use Cheviot and Llyn fleeces, which I was given when I was in Lancashire. I have made a video of the weaving process which I will post as soon as I can work out how to put it onto You Tube!
These large bedmats are a thick,warm and soft addition for your bed. Or they can be taken on holiday as a luxurious camping mat, they have a natural damp proof quality because of the high content of lanolin.
I sell these for £175. I also have much smaller ones for baby cots or for pets, and you can use them for a bedroom or bathroom mat.
Please send an email to me on the contacts page if you would like to talk about sizes and prices.